BNTB Dennis

Beauty & The Beast (TRIBUTE) by Dennis Lau & Aisyah Aziz feat. Cecilia Yong & Raziman Sarbini

They say Beauty and the Beast, but I’ll say Beauty & The Maestro.
With the hype of Beauty and the Beast, Malaysian violinist Dennis Lau collaborated with Singaporean sweetheart Aisyah Aziz  on their latest release.

Photographer & Makeup Artist by Yours Truly

Behind the Scenes of much fun, we took advantage of shoots #POTD worthy.

Makeup by Yours Truly

The production took place in Berjaya Time Square Hotel’s chiq & classic penthouse

An intimate Victorian settings that provides you a lavish stay beyond comfort and indulgence.
More spacious than most apartments, representing the luxury hotels in Kuala Lumpur.


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