A Tribute to my birdbird

I remembered… reversing my car out of the car porch… my dad demanded me down to look at this coconut nest and that’s how we found you.

My little birdy

I could have ran over you that day, but it was your fate to live..


I didn’t plan to have a bird as one of my pets but I was ready to mother you till your feathers grew, at least till you were ready to fly.

The task I had to go through for you was challenging.. at least for me.
Personally, I’m afraid of birds.. I thought birds will peck people to death.. but Tweetyomomo, you were so gentle with your angry face.. so obedient and attached.
I had to buy maggots, cut off their heads and feed you! Got lost in KL trying to find a pet shop who are experts in Birds just so you have the right food. I guess the biggest mistake I made was to agree on a cage so you can be safe, little did i know most of your feathers randomly got snapped off overnight. I wasn’t sure if that was the case but I decided to give you the freedom to roam about at the human made Japanese garden.. you were happy taking short flights everywhere, hopping around like a boss.

6 months passed with all these memories of Tweety

Daddy calls out to me one morning saying
“Girl, i think you better have your last look.”
Without hesitating, I knew it was Tweetyomomo. It was unusual that it wasn’t as noisy as it used to be in the morning.. I stomped my way downstairs to find Tweetyomomo was already suffering trying its best to breathe in the hands of my dad..

I watched it struggle, eyes closed, body cringing, head bending to the side and tail stretching towards its head.. I was afraid but I didn’t let my fear take over holding Tweetyomomo in my hands..

In that special moment, you opened your eyes and called out to me.. I knew, you were waiting for me. I felt your pain.. but i could only love you and gently run my fingers through your head and chest and say…

“its okay.. I’m here now.. know that I will miss you.”

Somehow Tweetyomomo understood and with that, it took its last breathe… lean its head against my hands and passed away…

Cloud on the other was aware of whats going on and he laid beside Tweetyomomo’s nest looking like this..

Our last goodbye

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