LUMINE Japan 3D Skin Perfection Launch

Honored to be a guest blogger for Top Beauty Blogger plusizekitten as always and indeed thankful, I was invited to the Lumine Japan 3D Skin Perfection Launch event held in Zang Toi Café, Pavilion.  

Founder of LUMINE Japan
MeiYoke Liang梁美玉, Dr. Tommy Ong王盅尧, Nobutsuna Sasaki佐休信纲, Wu Atong吴阿彤On this occasion, LUMINE Japan revealed their secret to reverse aging skin.

LUMINE Japan, noted for its pioneering extraction of Salmon Caviar during the Meiji Era more than 100 years ago when Ryoshi fisherman unknowingly used the precious drops in the IKURA eggs to heal wounds and ease the pain of burns.

It seems the skin injuries recovered miraculously without any inflammation or even signs of scarring.This history eventually led Japanese scientist over the last 6 to develop soothing serums that will form the basis for LUMINE Japan’s breakthrough formula for healthy and not to mention desirable youthful skin that is noted for its purity and cleansing properties.

It’s pretty smart of them to focus on the 4 R’s for women.

REVERSE inner damage caused by hormonal imbalance & chemical
RECOVER biological natural ability to Repair Cells
RENEW healthy skin, metabolism cycle.
REFINE dermalogical muscles & features.

I’m a quite sure most woman in their 40’s fight to maintain their youth.
In my opinion, I believe skincare products that contain the 4 R’s are for the Win. However, instead of risking your face to botox or lipotropic injections; LUMINE has solved the issue by producing the solution

Introducing the LUMINE Japan 3D Skin Perfection Facial Dimensional Sculpting Technology Beauty Range

Dr. Tommy.

“Our products are simple; we do not gloss our basic facial regime of cleansing and moisturising. What we do provide is scientifically-proven value-added original Japanese formlaution that are there to enrich and stimulate the Asian epidermis to replenish itself to redefine true beauty all over again.”


Hydrating Facial Foam – RM154

This cleanser promotes cell regeneration that leaves your skin feeling clean and optimized for the next step of your beauty regime. It contains a unique combination of active ingredients; Red Ginseng Extract, Japan Brown Seaweed Extract and Cordyceps Sinensis which naturally deeply purifies your skin.

Skin Balancing Lotion – RM154

A Fine silky texture enhanced with a natural and pure fragrance that helps you to relax your mind. It contains organic extract of Coix Lacryma Jobi and the anti-aging molecule of Coenzyme Q10 that instantly absorbs to work its magic revealing a younger looking skin.

Beauty White Essence – RM360

Formulated with Placental Protein and Royal Jelly, this Essence utilizes nano-technology to provide an extraordinary whitening solution which penetrates every inch of the skin, leaving it Radiant, Bright, Smooth, Firm and Soft as silk.


Advanced Skin Repair Essence – RM352

Formulated with Concentrated amount of Caviar, Placenta extract and organic Japanese radish enzyme that helps the cells to rejuvenate.

Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream – RM286

Taken from 24 different kinds of potent substances including Marine Collagen, Caviar, Placenta Protein and Coenzyme Q10. This helps to eliminate signs of aging improving the overall condition of the skin for a more youthful appearance.

Whitening Night Collagen – RM340

The Lumine Whitening night collagen is one of the best selling in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea for its ability to reduce mental stress, while the skin repairs when your sleep. It also enhances the whitening process of the skin with a high degree of Vitamin C.


You may get Lumine Japan 3D Skin Perfection  products at the information below.
The Curve, Unit 237B/C,
2nd Level Western Courtyard,Mutiara Damansara,
No.6,Jalan PJU 7/3, 47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-7710 9600 / Hotline: 1800-88-2638

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