Blindfold Challenge

6 Types of Blindfold Challenges You Should Try

Not sure who came out with this trend but it sure isn’t about to die on Youtube.
The challenge requires you to blindfold either yourself or your partner to do anything to both parties. It does get quite messy, and you can guarantee a havoc in the process and LOADS of fun.. However, a sweet revenge would come after the switch. Know what i’m saying?

So if you wanna have some fun creating “Entertaining” contents with your friends, this would be it!

The ULTIMATE Blindfold Challenges

The Blindfold MAKEUP Challenge by Zoella

As if it’s not obvious enough, this challenge requires drugstore to expensive makeup on your significant other.

#makeupgoals #bffgoals #couplegoals #sistergoals Whatever goals you wanna have, this will put your ships to the test.

The Soda Challenge by Joey Graceffa

Now here’s a Great reason to get Booze!! But Joey Graceffa played it safe with Cokes & Pepsi

You can level up by mixing the drinks up & guessing cocktails.


Whats in your Mouth Challenge by Johanis Sani

Malaysian beauty content creator Johanis Sani & charisowTV hit more than 1million views by just chucking food in their mouths.

Need I say more to the types of ideal “food” you can shove into mouths?

Drawing Challenge by TiffyQuake

Who do you think can draw better? Will it be you or your partner?

I dare you to put this challenge to the test to find out!
Put your link at the comment section below and i’ll give it a thumbs up!

Seconds Challenge by Jynn Looi TV

So i decided to play this one. Basically you gotta do something like paint your whole nails within 5-30 seconds

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What Is It Challenge by Tanya Burr

This is just so damn hilarious, really close to “Guess what is in the Box” but slightly more nerve-wrecking!

Make this mindfucking challenge to work, by picking items that are soft and mash-able.. better yet just rub it in something smelly. Please seek a friend like Tyler Oakley and you’ll have a screaming boombox till show’s over. Better entertainment for your viewers I’d say.

Now you don’t have an excuse to what to do and Get creative with your videos!
Do Share your link at the comment section below when you do!

– xoxo –

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